Dariusz Klimczak (1967, Sieradz, Poland) - a photographer since more than 30 years. He creates surreal photomontages on the basis of his own photos. He prefers black and white square forms, but also uses the colour. An author of 21 individual exhibitions (Poland, Netherlands, Colombia, England). In his works he uses symbols and archetypes. Klimczak's aim is to provoke the viewer to think or smile. His private ambition is to create a universal language, a kind of visual esperanto, which would be understood all over the world.

A composer and a producer of an album „Frimagination” by Climax Indigo. Author of 2 books of aphorisms („Aforyzjaki”, „Klocki ego”). Grand Prix winner of prestigious Lec aphoristic competition (Nowy Targ, 2005). He used to be a painter, a journalist and a drummer in a rock band. A father of two daughters - Nina (2007) and Zoja (2013).


Dariusz Klimczak

creative photography

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